Sweeney Excavation 1st in Connecticut to Use GPS Technology on Excavators

This is not your grandfather’s construction company!

Sweeney Excavation, a division of Sweeney Companies in Hamden, CT, is changing the way the industry works by leveraging new technology like no other construction company anywhere in the Northeast U.S. Sweeney Excavation now offers GPS tracking technology with an on-board computer on an excavator, creating the ultimate in construction efficiency. 

No More Surveyors and Stakes!!!!

This cutting-edge earthmoving grade control system puts design surfaces, grades, and alignments inside the cab! The GPS system sends and receives signals through a computer, constantly calculating the positions of the boom, stick and tilt bucket, creating a 3-D image for the operator on a screen that compares it to the design elevation, creating a virtual ‘excavation roadmap’. In-cab mounted lightbars flash up or down to help guide the position of the bucket. And a graphical color screen display shows the operator what bucket movement is required to get to grade so excavation is faster than ever–even with complex designs. It creates a speed, quality, precision and efficiency that is unmatched anywhere in the industry. And it saves customers money.


“A good operator can visualize,” owner Robert Sweeney says, “but you have to give him the vision. The vision is now in the cab of the machine. He can be anywhere on a construction site and know exactly what he is going to build and where he is going to build it. It’s all about improving ourselves for our customers.”

The use of the Trimble® SiteVision® GPS system on a Volvo EC290B excavator allows Sweeney Excavation to do what others can’t - streamline and reduce costs for the construction of utility trenching and building excavations as well as other complex tasks like finishing slopes or shaping v-ditches. Less area is disturbed, and there are fewer errors. The rugged sensors have no moving parts, and can even be submerged under nearly 70 feet of water, also making it ideal for underwater excavation applications.

This new technology is even changing methods and roles for the planning of new developments. The contractor is now more involved in the ‘up-front’ portion of the planning with the Owner and the Engineer/Architect in reviewing 3-D drawings of each site. As a result, conflicts are identified and resolved in the office, even before any site work begins, increasing accuracy and efficiency and saving the customer money.

Since founding his own business 19 years ago, Robert Sweeney has constantly sought out top talent, equipment and training to deliver the highest quality product and services to his customers. Two years ago, he was the first in the region to install global positioning software on a CAT D8R bulldozer, and he continues to expand his use of the new technology. Six years ago, he invested in surveying instruments so his own team members could lay out catch basins and roads, saving clients time and money by not having to schedule a surveyor.

Sweeney Excavation is literally using the heavens to move the earth - one site at a time.